Everything about osteoarthritis: definition, age, prevention, treatments, plants and food supplements

You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of osteoarthritis

- risk factors and causes of osteoarthritis

- The means of preventing osteoarthritis

- osteoarthritis treatments

- food supplements and medicinal plants in osteoarthritis

L'osteoarthritis is the most common form of rheumatism. Rheumatism brings together all the pains that prevent the proper functioning of the joints and locomotor structures (allowing the different movements of our body).

Osteoarthritis is a disease that does not no inflammation, it's a degradation from bone tissue and joints.

Symptoms are very characteristic. We find strong pains especially at the levels of the back, the knees, the neck, the hips, the hands and the feet as well as a joint slowdown.

For example the person says they cannot move their fingers and hands properly.

These symptoms diminish during sleep and resume upon waking, they become more intense after an activity using the joints concerned.

the diagnostic is done by observing the symptoms and the radiography of the articulation concerned.

L'evolution of this disease is reflected in difficultyher mobilize her joint And therefore to make simple gestures of daily life.

Know that risk factors osteoarthritis are: theheredity, the excessive mobilization of certain joints during a professional activity or an intensive sport for several years.

You should also know that theobesity and the overweight Overload the articulations of inferior minds, which promotes the appearance of osteoarthritis.

To limit the appearance of osteoarthritis and its evolution it is enough to respect a few rules that are simple to apply like:

  • S ’warm up joints before playing sports,
  • Have a Regular physical activity and adapted like walking
  • Favor sport shoes with some heels that amortize shocks,
  • Chill joints after an effort with ice at least 15 to 20 minutes
  • immobilize A joint when it is painful, if the pain persists after 2 to 3 days it is advisable to consult a doctor

Here is an example of a sports shoe that can be conseillaged:

Dykhmate Sports Shoes Men Legere Gym Fitness Sport Sneakers Breathable Style Running Sneakers

Know that there are many food supplements like the glucosamine, the chondroetine sulfete as well as many plants medicinal such as Cassis or theharpagophyton To relieve osteoarthritis.

I draw your attention to the fact that some of these food supplements and some of these plants are not compatible with different diseases such as the Type 2 diabetes And heart failure, so if you ever want to take this type of product talk about it first with your doctor or your pharmacist.

Of the drug treatments exist to treat osteoarthritis, they can be orally or in the form of injections (hyaluronic acid for example), their main goal is toreduce the pain.

For more information on hyaluronic acid, Click here

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