General Conditions of Use Pharmaquiz

Our goal is to inform you and answer your questions about the different health themes with a simple and understandable language. Pharmaquiz is also intended to test your health knowledge while having fun and learning new knowledge.

But before you start using the Pharmaquiz application, please read these general conditions that contain important information, in particular:

  • On what you can expect when you use the Pharmaquiz application for a question to a health professional (Doctor of Pharmacy)
  • On what you expect from you as a user of the application

You must accept these general conditions before you can use the Pharmaquiz application. If you have prior questions about Pharmaquiz, do not hesitate to contact .

Before you start, do not forget that Pharmaquiz is not an emergency service and should not be used in an emergency. In an emergency, you should call 15.

1. Applicability, scope, etc.


These general conditions of use apply to the contract concluded between Pharmaquiz, Noura Morashi, Siret 7948521100010, residing at 1 square Henri Regnault in Courbevoie, France and you, when you register as a account holder ("my account" ) for access to the application ("Pharmaquiz").

References to "We", and "our" under these general conditions of use are references to Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai.


The application allows individuals to ask their questions to health professionals, including doctors in pharmacies, for information and advice during conversations by written messages. It also offers you the possibility of testing your health knowledge thanks to a game that is in the form of a quiz with different levels.

You can write your question within the application messaging, the Doctor of Pharmacy will examine your question, he may ask you for additional information if he feels the need and will give you an answer.


Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrashi is only an intermediate service provider between you and the health professional, and should not be considered as a care provider itself. The contract concluded between us is a simple service contract, for a health information request. Pharmaquiz, Noura Marashi is not responsible for the content, the quality of the information provided, the advice provided or the time at the end of which the answer will be given by the health professional, as part of the conversation by written messages . Pharmaquiz, Noura Marashi has no responsibility in the use of information provided as well as their consequences whether in the conversation part by written messages of the application or in the game of the application, quiz or in the supports of 'Information (video, e-book, books, PDF files, etc.) offered to users within the application.


By creating your account on the application, you accept these general conditions of use.


You must make sure that all the information transmitted on the application is correct, relevant, and up to date. Any modification of information must be reported without delay, by sending an email to this address: .

2. General information on accounts and application


To create an account and register on the application, you must provide your email address and basic personal information. You must be at least sixteen years old

(16) to use the messaging part of the application.


You are responsible for all actions relating to the use of your account, and you must ensure that the account is used in accordance with the general conditions of use. The account can only be used by you, as a recorded member. It cannot be used by or transferred to another person. The only exception to this rule is the legal representative (s) who can (can) use his own account (s) for a child, provided that the child has fewer 16 years old.

If you are aware of or suspect that a third party has been able to have access to information from your account, such as a password or an identifier, you must as soon as possible inform Pharmaquiz, Noura Morashi by sending an e -Mail at .


By opening an account in the application, you accept and confirm that the information given can be used by Pharmaquiz, Noura Marashi to send offers and information by e-mail and notifications. As an account holder, you can deactivate these notifications and emails at any time, modifying your settings in the application. This request will be processed without delay.


Although we have reasonable efforts to update the information in the application, we do not make any declaration or guarantee, express or implicit, whether the content of the application is exact, complete or up to date. The content published or provided in the application should not be considered as information to which everyone can trust their personal situation. It is given for general information and is not intended to replace an assessment, diagnosis or the treatment of a disease with a health professional other than those responding in the application.


The service being provided in the form of written messages, all questions cannot be taken care of in the context of a conversation via the application. Only specific questions of different health themes listed in the application before asking your question can give rise to a conversation with a health professional. If you ever ask you to contact a healthcare professional, Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrahi by phone has no responsibility in the conversations that are done within or outside the application, whether by written messages, voice messages or by phone.

3. Price and payment


The cost of conversation by written messages with a health professional, and other potential costs, are described in the account creation process in the application.


Payment of the chosen subscription is made every month.

You can buy a paying subscription directly from Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai.

Pharmaquiz, Noura Marashi can from time to time modify the price of paid subscriptions, including subscription fees and will communicate to you any price change in advance, and, if necessary, how to accept these changes. The tariff modifications will take effect from the subscription period following the date of price modification. Subject to applicable law, continuing to use

The Pharmaquiz application after the entry into force of the price modification, you accept the new price. If you do not accept pricing modifications, you have the right to refuse the modification by disinniacing yourself from the application before the entry into force of the tariff modification.

If you register for a paying subscription, you can change your mind for any reason whatsoever and receive a full refund of all sums paid in the fourteen (14) days of the date of registration in the service concerned (the " Period of reflection ”) in accordance with the following:

If you register for a test, you accept that the period of reflection for the paid subscription for which you receive a test ends fourteen (14) days after starting the test. If you do not solve the paying subscription before the end of the test, you lose your right of withdrawal and authorize Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai to automatically charge you the agreed price each month, until you terminate the pay subscription .

If you buy a paid subscription without testing, you authorize Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai to automatically charge you each month until your termination. You accept that the period of reflection corresponds to fourteen (14) days after your purchase, but is no longer valid once you use the application during this period.


The paying subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period, unless you terminate your paying subscription before the end of the current subscription period Clicking here. The termination will come into force the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be demoted to the free service. If you have bought your paying subscription from Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrashi and you cancel your payment or paying for any contracts after the end of the period of reflection (if applicable) or before the end of The current subscription period, we will not repay the subscription fees that have already been paid to us. When we refund, we will reimburse you the sums according to the mode you have used for payment.

4. The responsibility of Pharmaquiz, Noura Morashi


The application is provided in accordance with these general conditions of use, with the exception of authorized interruptions such as the maintenance of the application or the service system. It is explicitly specified that the information services by written messages offered via the application do not constitute an emergency service. In an emergency, users must move towards an emergency service or call the center 15.


We are not responsible for interruptions for the resulting application:

  1. errors / problems with your hardware / equipment, network, software or errors in software that is part of a third -party product and that, despite attempts to prevention and rectify, we cannot avoid;
  2. other circumstances of which you are responsible in accordance with these general conditions of use;
  3. of a virus on your device or any other security threat which, despite our prevention efforts, disrupts the service; Where
  4. of a circumstance constituting a case of force majeure in accordance with article 9 below


You are responsible for the configuration of your technological devices, your IT programs and your platform to access the application. We recommend that you use viruse protection software. We do not guarantee that the application will be free from bugs or viruses. You should not (i) abuse the application by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logical bombs or any other malicious or technologically harmful material; (ii) try to obtain unauthorized access to the application, to the server on which the application is stored or to any server, computer or database connected to the application; or (iii) attack the application via an attack by "refusal of service" or an attack by "denial of distributed service". By breaking this provision, you commit a criminal offense under articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the penal code. We will bring this violation to the competent authorities and cooperate with these authorities by disclosing your identity. In the case of such a violation, your right to use the application will cease immediately.


Interruptions or errors in the availability of the application must be reported without delay to our customer service to .

5. Intellectual property rights, etc.


Ownership, property rights and all rights related to Pharmaquiz Noura Marashi and its brands, company, and application, as well as all documents, quiz or agreements that are used by and / or provided by us on the application , such as, but without limiting themselves, these general conditions of use, belong exclusively to Pharmaquiz Noura Marrai. We reserve the exclusive right to use the material mentioned above. All copies, versions, modifications and / or other uses of our equipment that have not been explicitly authorized in these general conditions

of use or by our express written instructions are strictly prohibited. You confirm and accept that unauthorized use of the intellectual property rights of Pharmaquiz, Noura Morarahi can, in addition to violating these general conditions of use, constitute a criminal act. We reserve the right to bring legal action in the event of unauthorized use of the intellectual property rights of Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai.


All intellectual property rights arising from the supply of the application and / or other user services belong exclusively to Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai. This exclusivity includes the right to modify and transfer these rights.


All logos, commercial brands, service brands, brand names, domain names and any other characteristic of the Pharmaquiz brand ("Characteristics of the Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrahi brand") are the exclusive property of Pharmaquiz, Noura Marashi. Contracts do not grant you any right to use any characteristic of the Pharmaquiz Noura Marrai brand and the content of the Pharmaquiz application, whether for commercial use or not.

6. Use and unauthorized information


We take seriously any form of unauthorized use of the account and the application in violation of these General Conditions of Use and / or the Pharmaquiz policy, Noura Marrai in terms of security, ethics, etc. Among other things, you are not allowed to record conversations with the healthcare professional or to distribute in any way such a material relating to it. We will take proactive measures against unauthorized or expected unauthorized use of the account, application, etc.


We reserve the right, with reasonable notice, to delete information from the application, close your account or continue other measures due to your violation of these general conditions of use, in order to protect responsibility or the reputation of the application. We also reserve the right to cancel the contract concluded between us in accordance with article 7.2 below.


If you have violated these general conditions of use or used the application in an illegal or unauthorized manner, you will be required to compensate us for any damage resulting from these actions (including, but without limiting themselves, legal costs and other third party complaints).

7. Duration and cancellation


Your access to the application is valid until further notice and from the moment you save an account. You can cancel your account at any time, with immediate effect. In case of cancellation, we will delete any access to the canceled account and any stored information concerning you will be processed as indicated in our privacy policy.


We have the right to terminate your access to the Pharmaquiz platform, Noura Marrashi, with immediate effect, in the event of a breach or violation of these general conditions of use and, if you do not correct such a violation in the thirty ( 30) days after being informed in writing. In case of cancellation, your account will be terminated. The information about you that has been stored will be processed as indicated in our privacy policy.


If access to your account has been suspended in accordance with this article, you do not have the right to re -register or register a new account without the written authorization of Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrai.


8. Development of products and changes under the general conditions of use


We reserve the right to modify the scope and function of the account and the application. The development of products and services could concern, but not exclusively, the layout, content or functions and could result in modifications to these general conditions of use. These changes will be communicated via the application and / or by e-mail. The general conditions of use in force will be available on the application.


You have the right to put an end to the contract concluded with Pharmaquiz, Noura Marrashi, with immediate effect, if you do not agree with the modifications of these General Conditions of Use, the account or the application that we could perform.

9. Force majeure


We do not pay any compensation for damage caused by a strike, fire, government action, work conflicts, accidents, closings or dysfunctions of public communication systems or other circumstances and consequences independent of our will, that we could neither avoid nor control. In such a case, when the service provision is assigned for a period of one (1) months, the parties will have the right to terminate the contract, in force immediately.

10. Notifications


You must provide us with the email address you wish to receive notifications from us. In the event that your contact details change, you must inform us of your new contact details without delay. Notifications must be communicated by email.


The notification is considered to be delivered if it is sent:

  1. by e-mail; When delivery to the recipient is confirmed
  2. By post -free mail, two days after his submission to the postal service; Where
  3. by mail; during delivery / acceptance by the


11. Personal data


We refer and refer you to our privacy policy to obtain detailed information on how we process your personal data, including clear instructions on your rights and how you can exercise these rights.


12. General conditions


You cannot transfer these general conditions of use and / or your obligations or rights below to a third party.


Pharmaquiz, Noura Marashi reserves the right to use subcontractors to fulfill the rights and obligations referred to and from these General Conditions of Use.


13. Legal procedures


These general conditions of use are subject to French law. The account holder may take legal action before the competent court of the headquarters of Phamaquiz, Noura Marrai.


In addition, please note that disputes may be subject to online resolution to the European Commission's online disputes.