Stroke, stroke: symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications


Stroke or stroke, can affect many peopleWithout age limit or sex.

The can cause very heavy complications in the affected person. The more it isquickly careThe more unscathed she can get out or with minimal consequences. It is therefore essential to know the signs of the stroke and to haveGood reflexes.

You should know that the stroke is due to aobstructionor at thebreakupof ablood vesselIn the brain, this causes the neurons of the area concerned.
Theconsequencesstroke aredifferent According to the region which will be affected. He can provoke;

Thesymptomsstroke is very characteristic, it is imperative to recognize them andto call the SAMU (15),as soon as they appear.

They translate into:

Therisk factorsstroke are:

Treatments exist forstopr thererecidivismFrom the stroke, they can be accompanied by rehabilitation in certain cases.

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