Avocado / Avocado Oil: Health Benefits and Uses in 7 minutes :

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- The main vitamins of the avocado

- Trace elements and minerals in avocados

- The fatty acids present in avocados

- The active substances in avocados

- The effects of the consumption of avocado for our health, is it good to eat one avocado per day?

- The avocado, an effective natural remedy against constipation

- The effects of avocado on inflammation

- Avocado oil to relieve joint pain

- Does avocado make you fat?

- The consumption of avocado in case of diabetes

- How to consume avocado ?

The avocado is a fruit often consumed in salads, it has many benefits.

The avocado belongs to the group of oleaginous fruits (from the word oleum which means oil in Latin), because of its important lipid content.

This fruit originates from Central America and more precisely from Mexico where it is called the green gold.

The avocado is composed of 70% of water, 20% of lipids (including omega-9, omega-6 and omega-3) and 4% of fiber.

It is rich in vitamins of groups B (B9, B6), E and K as well as in minerals and trace elements such as potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and zinc.

The avocado also contains antioxidants from the polyphenol family and carotenoids such as lutein, which is very beneficial to vision.

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that protects cells and prevents their deterioration.

Antioxidants have the property of limiting inflammation, especially during menstruation, and reducing the appearance of pain.

The vitamin K that it contains is very interesting to regulate the glycemia in people who suffer from diabetes.

The quantity of fibers present in the avocados is higher than the average of the various raw vegetables (2 % on average). The avocado is therefore a very interesting food to facilitate digestion and fight against constipation, but also to have a real appetite suppressant effect.

The fibers swell in the stomach and fill it, a signal is then sent to the brain to say that the person is at satiety (he is not hungry anymore), he stops eating.

The appetite suppressant effect of the avocado is accentuated because of its lipid content.

These last ones, also make it possible to fight against the excess of the LDL cholesterol level and thus to reduce the risk of appearance of the cardiovascular diseases.

The regular consumption of avocado makes it possible to reduce the abdominal fat at the people who are touched by the diabetes or obesity thanks to fibres and unsaturated fatty acids (lipids which contain double bonds in their chemical formula like omega-9, omega-6, omega-3,?), these elements allow a better distribution of greases.

They promote the accumulation of fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) rather than around or inside the organs (visceral fat). Indeed, the latter is very harmful to the proper functioning of our organs.

The avocado is a real remedy against tiredness because of its richness in vitamin B9 and magnesium.

There are on average 155 calories for 100 g of avocado, it is thus a very caloric fruit, but its many virtues give it the power to be a very beneficial food to our health.

The more mature the avocado is, the higher its caloric content is, at maturity, it can go up to 200 calories per 100 g.

Moreover, its capacity of appetite suppressant allows to reduce the global caloric intake of the person during the whole day. It is thus allowed to consume it during the diets with all the same a small downside, it is not necessary to add olive oil in addition on the avocado in seasoning, because the calories increase very quickly.

For seasoning, use lemon juice instead, as it promotes the absorption of nutrients such as iron.

You should know that avocado oil is used in certain pharmaceutical specialties to limit arthritis and joint diseases.

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