Bipolarity, bipolar disorder, manic-depression: symptoms, causes, treatment in 5 min


You find in this video and in this article:

- defining bipolar disorder

- symptoms of bipolarity

- the phases of euphoria and depressions

- Treatments and advice

To start, be aware that bipolarity is characterized by the succession of periods of depression and euphoria. That's to say that the person has times when they are doing very well, they are in total happiness see Even in euphoria then periods when it is affected by very intense depressions, which will lead to real complications in her life and that of those around her.

These different periods can be of different duration and intensity, they are also separated per phases where theNo one is completely normal.

It is therefore imperative to know how to recognize these types of disorders in order to treat the person as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder are very characteristic.

During the euphoria phase, also called phase maniacal, the person is often excited, euphotic, hyperactive,see even aggressive.

She has confidence in her who becomes disproportionate, it does and said what she wants without worrying about the consequences isthe Lifting of inhibitions.

She is also very irritable, she does not accept any criticism, she does not feel tired at all, she sleeps very little and little even forget to eat.

During the phase depressive, the person feels completely discouraged. It has the same symptoms as a severe depression : sadness, fatigue, disturbances of sleep and appetite. We must be very careful because often the person thinks that the only way to get out of it is unfortunately the suicide.

You should know that the more intense the maniac phase, the more severe the depression.

In general, the depressive period lasts longer than the euphoria period.

It also happens that the person presents delusions and hallucinations, supports false and inconsistent remarks with persistence which can lead to important problems in their professional, family life, but also with justice ...

The causes of this type of disorder can be genetic, but also linked to way of life and the person's environment.

Indeed, this disease may appear in people undergoing significant stress, overwork or having infections of their nervous system or head trauma.

It can also touch alcoholics or drug addicts.

You should know that the first manic-depressive episodes can be started by the various risk factors such as stress, lack of sleep ... While the following will not necessarily have triggering factors, that is to say that they can appear suddenly without real cause.

The diagnosis is made by the doctor who will have previously eliminated the other causes that can cause mood variations such as disorders of the thyroid, hormonal changes ...

The treatment is simply to limit the appearance of the different phases and the changes of moods, thus allowing the person to live normally. They can be accompanied by a psychotherapy of the person and his entourage in order to better understand the disorders and thus improve their management.

Medicines can be given for life, but they can also be stopped very gradually with the doctor's advice, it will still be necessary to pay very attention to the reappearance of symptoms.

To optimize the effectiveness of treatment, it is advisable to respect a few rules such as:

- Sleep in the evening

- Learn to manage stress, avoid overwork

- Stop tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and drugs

- Have regular and adapted physical activity, a balanced diet in order to limit weight gain (side effect of certain treatment drugs)

Finally, know that the drugs allowing to regulate the mood must be taken with certain precautions. Avoid taking certain drugs (NSAIDNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Like ibuprofen for example), take care not to bedehydrate(drink water regularly), reduce food andDiuretic drinks(increase the liberatio of urine) asteawhere the coffee.

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