Can depression last for years? Why is this?

Why can depression last for months or even years?

Depression is a complex illness that can persist for long periods, even years, for a number of reasons. Understanding these reasons can help us to better understand the illness and promote effective recovery.

1. Misunderstanding and Late Detection of Depression
Depression is often misunderstood and detected late. Symptoms may be ignored or misinterpreted, delaying medical treatment. Raising awareness of the signs of depression is essential for early detection and appropriate treatment.

2. Non-adherence to treatment
Another reason why depression can be long-lasting is lack of adherence to treatment. Some patients may be reluctant to take their medication correctly, thus delaying the therapeutic effects. In addition, antidepressant treatments can take several weeks to show significant results, which can discourage some patients.

3. Time required for treatment to take effect
Treatments for depression work by rebalancing neurotransmitters in the brain, which takes time. These neurotransmitters, responsible for mood regulation, need to be rebalanced and stabilized to enable lasting recovery. It can take several months before the full therapeutic effects are felt.

Comprehensive treatment for lasting healing
To treat depression effectively, it's essential to understand the mechanisms of the illness and to follow a comprehensive course of treatment. This may include antidepressant medication, psychotherapy and regular follow-up with a mental health professional. Together, these approaches aim to rebalance neurotransmitters, stabilize mood and prevent relapse.

In short, depression can last for months or even years due to a variety of factors, but with the right treatment and care, lasting remission can be achieved. To find out more about depression and the treatments available, subscribe to our blog today!

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