Clove: benefits in 5 min!

You find in this video and in this article:

- The main vitamins of cloves

- the main minerals and trades of cloves

- Active substances of cloves

- The benefits of clove

- cloves to relieve dental pain

- Use of clove

- clove essential oil: indications, uses

The clove comes mainly Indonesia and Africa from South.

It contains group vitamins HAS, B, VS and E, as well as trace elements and minerals like the calcium, the phosphorus, the potassium and the sodium.

It also contains carbohydrates, lipids from the family of Omega 3, of the fibers and antioxidants of the Flavonoid group.

It is rich in an active substance called eugenol which is part of the group of phenols Because of its chemical formula.

It is notably thanks to this substance that he has anti-consecutive, anti-infective, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

It allows you to fight against infections urinary called cystitis.

he is also antifungal (limits the formation of non -desirable fungi),antiparasitic and deworming, that is to say that it promotes the release of parasites that could have entered our body by consuming raw meat or not cooked enough.

This spice also makes it possible to facilitate digestion and to limit the appearance of digestive disorders such as spasms, airports (ROTER) and bloating.

The clove is used in local application to relieve dental pain thanks to its action analgesic fast.

This spice is very interesting to reduce inflammation, the cough and the rheumatic pain.

Eugenol is in much larger quantity within oil essential clove.

It is possible to consume it in seasoningas is, in powder in the different dishes or to use essential oil in local application on zones painful.

Attention essential oil can cause irritation Skin if applied without being delighted beforehand in another vegetable oil (sweet almond oil for example).

To do this, put 2 drops of essential oil in 20 drops of vegetable oil before applying it on the skin.

For dental pain, pay 1 drop essential oil on a cotton stem and apply to the painful tooth. It is also possible to directly chew the clove to the tooth which hurts or apply a balm based on cloves available in pharmacies.

This essential oil should not be used and too large quantities of cloves outside the usual diet in children less than 12 years, the woman pregnant and the woman who breastfeeding.

Do not take it regularly in large quantities over a long period, especially if you suffer from a problem of liver Where high blood pressure

Some people also use cloves or essential oil for its probable functions Aphrodisiacs.

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

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