Gout crisis: Symtomas, Causes, Treatment


You find in this video and in this article:

- What is the gout crisis?

- the definition ofUric acid

- What are the symptoms of the gout crisis?

- What are the treatments for the gout crisis?

The gout crisis causes astrong painAt the level of ajoint. It is due to the formation ofcrystalswhich are deposited at the level of thejointand provoke his inflammation.

These crystals form when theUric acid levelbECOMEStoo importantin our body.

Uric acid is simply a chemical from the degradation of cells from:

Symptoms of the drop crisis are very characteristic.

Intense and violent pain arrives at the level of ajoint, she becomesredhotandswollen. After a few days the gout crisis disappears, there are stillitchyand skin pointed at the level of the joint concerned.

The gout crisis is treated withanti-inflammatory (Colchicine). Excess uric acid can be controlled with the'allopurinoI. This drug reduces the production of uric acid within our body.

If the drop crisis comes frequently, it is imperative to consult a doctor. A permanent increase in the level of uric acid can cause arenal dysfunctionas well as ajoint deformationlong -term.

To limit the increase in the level of uric acid, it is necessary to respect the treatment and to have abalanced dietBy limiting the consumption of foods of animal origin, alcohol. It is also important to drink 2 l of water per day.

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