Depression: definition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, antidepressants

Discover everything you need to know about theDEPRESSIONExplained in a simple and understandable way by Doctor Noura Marrai.

Thedepressionis amental illnessWho can touch men as well as women at any age of (child, adolescent, thirty -something, elderly, ...).

It is imperative to know how to differentiate adepressedpassenger with a realdepression.

The depression lasts at least two weeks and its symptoms are very characteristic: sadness permanent, desire to do nothing, morbid ideas, insomnia Where excessive sleeps, appetite disruption...

If you ever suspect adepressionAt one of your loved ones, do not hesitate to take it to a doctor because only the doctor can really diagnose thedepressionand treat it correctly.

Know that there is a factorgeneticin depression. People whose close relatives have made depression during their lifetime are more likely to do it in turn.

Depression can be treated with apsychotherapyand/orantidepressantsaccording to its severity.

It is imperative that theantidepressantbe prescribed by adoctorDepending on the severity of the patient's depression and sensitivity towards treatment. AantidepressantCan relieve a person very well while there will be no effect on another.

It should be noted that the antidepressant may be gradually stopped with the agreement of the doctor as soon as the first signs of healing (resumption of daily activities, positive thoughts, ...).

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