Depression Psychological symptoms to be aware of!

"The 7 psychic symptoms of depression: How to recognize them and act quickly".

Depression is a disorder that can have a profound impact on our mental well-being. In this article, we explore the psychic symptoms that often accompany this disorder, as recognizing these signals is essential for early and effective management.

1. Persistent sadness : Sadness is a constant companion for those suffering from depression. Tears flow endlessly, and the affected person often feels powerless to control his or her emotions.

2. Loss of interest and energy: A key feature of depression is the loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. The person may feel a profound disinterest in everything around them, accompanied by persistent, overwhelming fatigue.

3. Anxiety and guilt: In addition to sadness, anxiety and an overwhelming sense of guilt are common in depressed people. They may feel constantly worried and guilty, for no apparent reason.

4. Difficulty concentrating and making decisions: Depression can also impair cognitive functions. Affected people may have difficulty concentrating on daily tasks and making even the simplest decisions.

5. Morbid and suicidal thoughts: In the most severe cases, depression can lead to morbid and even suicidal thoughts. It's crucial to recognize these signs as medical emergencies and seek help immediately.

6. Social isolation: Depression can lead to withdrawal and social isolation. Affected people may find it difficult to maintain social relationships, which often worsens their mental state.

7. Sleep and appetite disturbances: Sleep and appetite disturbances are also common in people suffering from depression. They may have difficulty falling asleep, suffer from insomnia or, on the contrary, sleep excessively. Similarly, changes in eating habits may occur, with significant weight loss or gain.

Recognizing the psychological symptoms of depression is crucial to early and effective intervention. If you or a loved one are experiencing these signs, don't hesitate to consult a mental health professional for help.

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Dr Noura Marashi (doctor of pharmacy, health youtuber, creator of the Pharmaquiz health and well-being app),

Dr Noura Marashi (doctor of pharmacy, health youtuber, creator of the Pharmaquiz health and well-being app),

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