How to increase your energy and decrease your fatigue?

 You find in this video and in this article:

- the energy production mechanism within our body

- the different energy sources that our body uses to produce energy

- the essential elements for energy production within our body

- The causes of fatigue

- How to promote energy production within the body?

- How to fight against fatigue?

- Advice and recommendations

Before answering this question, I make a little RCall on energy production within our organization.

As you know, our body is formed by organs which are made up of tissue where there are many cells.

Energy production is done at inside cells according to a very specific process. To produce energy, the cell needs oxygen and a source energetic. The main sources of energy are the glucose (sugar) and lipids or acids bold.

When the cell uses glucose to produce energy, this is called the glycolysis.

Energy production from lipids is called the lipolysis.

When the glucose enters the cell, it is transformed into another molecule called pyruvate. This transformation makes it possible to release another molecule called ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). ATP provides energy to the cell by changing structure following a chemical reaction.

For all these chemical reactions to be done normally, the cell must be added elements she needs, but also to optimise its operation in limiting all that could lead to his deterioration (stress, oxidation, …).

The essential element for the survival of our cells is Oxygen.

All that causes a reduction d 'bringinoxygen to our cells cause a increase of the fatigue, because cells must try to produce the same amount of energy with less of resources.

For instance anemiaresults in a reduction in the level of hemoglobin (protein located within red blood cells, it transports oxygen through blood), which leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen that arrives at the cells.

The drop in energy that causes significant fatigue is called asthenia.

This can have different causes. First of all it is wise to make a blood test To verify the general state of your body and see if you suffer from a anemia or a deficiency in Vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Also know that some imbalance hormonals as hypothyroidism or metabolic disorders such as thediabetes can also cause loss of energy and significant fatigue.



You have to know how to clearly distinguish fatigue passenger(lack of sleep, ...) of fatigue permed.

Indeed, when fatigue is permed And in particular upon waking, it is necessary to consultdoctor. It is up to the doctor to find the cause And to remedy it as effectively as possible by: filling any deficiencies, dealing with imbalance hormones or by taking care of the sicknesswhich causes fatigue (bacterial, viral infection, etc.).

It is important to know that a permanent asthenia upon waking without obvious cause and over a long period may be the warning sign of cancer. The medical consultation is therefore essential to find the cause of fatigue.

The examination of the right feature from heart and lungs is also important, because it is these organs that allow capture and of propel Oxygen in our body.

For example, if there is a narrowing of the heart arteries (blood vessels that irrigate the heart), the red blood cells which transport oxygen via hemoglobin have less room to circulate. This leads to a reduction in oxygen intake in the heart and difficulties in the proper functioning of this organ.

The same when the lungs are altered to the round of a inflammation or respiratory disease (asthma, COPD), there is less oxygen that enters this organ to be distributed to our entire organism.

Also know that certain diseases psychic as anxiety, stress, depression can be the cause of loss of energy and fatigue especially when they cause insomnia.

Indeed, the early morning insomnia (awakening around 4 a.m. without being able to go back to sleep) can be the alert sign of real depression.

It is interesting to know that the brain consume a lot energy Especially in the depression where it is permanently requested by the negative thoughts and reflections of the person.

This is why it is very important to to consult To have a real diagnostic Before taking any food supplements, vitamins, etc.

Also know that the sleep is essential to have energy and be in shape in particular the sleep of night. It is at this moment that the essential elements for our various metabolisms update themselves by following the rhythm of the cortisone (Decreases at night, increases upon waking), to ensure proper functioning of our cells.

All that causes insomnia Maybe the cause of fatigue and loss of energy.

You should know that the practice of a activity physical regular and suitable allows you to increase oxygenation of our cells and therefore increase our energy. The more frequent and regular this activity, the less there will be fatigue in effort.

I draw your attention to the fact that it is very important to bring the right ones food to our body to allow him to benefit elements he needs to ensure the Well functioning of our organs, but also to protect the best.

It is essential to have a balanced and varied diet based on vegetables, fruit, cereals, of fish, egg, dairy products, meats, oilseeds (nuts, pistachios, etc.). These food natural Bring all vitamins, trace elements, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids which we need to have energy and be less tired.

Some people may not have access to these foods, in this case, it is possible to take food supplements based on:magnesium, vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, ... they allow the elements necessary to our body to be brought to work well.

Finally, it is also important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day and to stop all that leads to disturbances of our cells prevents their proper functioning (alcohol, Tobacco, excess sugar, ...).

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

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