Acid-base balance: definition, diet, symptoms, complications


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of basic acido balance

- the definition of an acid substance

- the definition of a basic substance

- the consequences of a bad acid-base balance on the body

- Basic Acido balance control systems

- The list of acidic foods and basic foods

First, know that our body contains both substances acids and substancesbasic.

An acid substance is a molecule that is capable of release an ion H+ also calledproton.

IIt is simply a hydrogen atom that has lost an electron. The electrons are negative loads which revolve around the nucleus of the atom. These are the links between the different electrons of the atoms that make it possible to form molecules.

For those who no longer remember their chemistry, for example the water molecule H2O consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

The hydrogen atom consists of a nucleus around which gravitates an electron (a negative load) and a proton (positive load particle).

During a chemical reaction, this hydrogen atom can lose its electron and become an ion H+. An ion is simply an atom that has lost or won one or more electrons.Lion H+, also called Proton is an atom made up of a nucleus around which gravitates Only a proton (positive load).

Conversely, a substance basic Where alkaline is a molecule that cancapture A proton (ion H+).

The unit to measure the acidity or basicity of an element is the pH(potential hydrogen). The more the substance is rich in ion H+ The more it is acidic, its pH is then between 0 and 7. If the pH is between 7 and 14, the substance is basic.

An element with a pH equal to 7 is considered to be neutral.

You should know that for the proper functioning of our body, our pH must be 7.4 to 8.

To measure it, simply dip a pH paper that you find in all good pharmacies in your urine. The paper reacts in contact with urine, it becomes of a certain color which reflects the pH of your organism.

Our pH fluctuates according to the different chemical reactions that are carried out within our organism. You should know that the degradation of carbohydrates and lipids from our diet (to provide energy to our bodies) causes the release of acids.
The body sets in place buffer systems to neutralize this acidity. A buffer system is made up of molecules that can at time capture or release an ion H+ in order to maintain the neutrality of the pH.

When acidity or basicity is too large and the buffer systems are overwhelmed, the body neutralizes variations thanks to the lungs and the kidneys. The increase in the respiratory frequency causes a liberation of carbon dioxide (CO2) thus reducing the acidity of our body, on the one hand and on the other hand the kidneys eliminate the excess of acidic or basic substances via urine.

I draw your attention to the fact that a too acidic organism is exposed to heavy complications such as diabetes, degradation of the function renal, the acceleration of cellular aging, the disturbance of metabolism, the weakening of bone ..
To limit disturbances in acid-base balance, it is advisable to have a balanced dietand varied.

The index Pral, Potential Renal Acid LOAD, allows to qualifyThe acid or basic potential of a food.
Foods with strong acid power are rice, pasta, cereals, meat, cheeses. Alkalizing or having a strong basic power are mainly fruits and vegetables, hence the importance of consuming them Regularly.

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