Migraine / headache / cephalees: definition, symptoms, treatments


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of migraine

- Migraine with aura or ophthalmic migraine

- The definition of tension headaches

- the difference between a migraine and the tension headaches

- The causes of migraine

- Foods that can proce a migraine

- The causes of headache or headache

- Treatments of headache

- what to do in case of migraine or headache

- Migraine treatments

- Headache and stroke (stroke)

First, know that there are several types of headache (headache): the migraine and the headache of tension, that you have to know how to differentiate well.

Tension headaches are pain that appear at the level of the neck and forehead. They cause a pressure Intense at the head, as if we were tightening our head very strongly.

Migraine appears of a only side From the head, right or left side, it can present itself several times a day.

It can be accompanied by vertigo, nausea, vomiting, intolerance to light, noise and/or smells (the person is very strongly embarrassed by light, noise and certain odors).

Visual disturbances such as the appearance of brilliant points (called scotomas) or fly flies can arrive with migraine, it is a migraine ophthalmic also called migraine with WILL HAVEThese visual disorders can be accompanied by tingling, numbness and/or speech disorder.

The causes of tension headaches can be stress, overwork, hormonal changes, fatigue, alcohol consumption, sudden stop of coffee consumption, badly adjusted glasses to the person's vision or even the 'Absence of glasses in a person who needs it as well as certain noises.

It is interesting to know that the consumption of some food Like certain types of cheese, chocolate, sweetening (aspartame) can cause headache in different people.

I want to inform you that the abusive catch analgesics(drugs that reduce pain) can also cause headache. In general, head pain arrives just after taking the medication.

Rest assured, it is possible to simply remedy it by gradually stopping the medication concerned.

Regarding migraine, its causes are not really known.We just know that it is due to a contraction then a dilation (spacing) of the blood vessels at the level of the head thus causing very strong pain.

It can happen following stress, sleep disorders, hormonal changes such as the appearance of rules, but also because of certain noise, food and/or certain odors or inflammation of the sinuses (called sinusitis).

To prevent migraine, it would be wise to observe and analyze The moments when it appears to find the cause and remedy it if possible.

If you are ever achievedFrom a migraine the advice I give you are first to be calm and relax. If the crisis does not pass, you can take analgesics to relieve the pain such Whether paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen with the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

There are also drugs that can be prescribed by your doctor, as themUmatriptant.Theyare going cause a narrowing of the dilated vessels in the brain and therefore stop the pain caused by migraine.

I want to tell you that fundamental treatments can also be recommended by your doctor, they aim to reduce the appearance of migraine crises and their intensity, that is to say making them less violent.

Additional examinations such as the scanner or MRI Can be advised to the patient to complete the diagnosis.

Finally, I draw your attention to the fact that if ever the headache arrives suddenly, so unusualand very intense and that it is accompanied of paralysis on one side of the face or a member, difficulty speaking properly or a loss of balance, he can be a Stroke.He You have to immediately call the Samu (15) without hesitation for a second because the person's life is in danger and it will be able to undergo very heavy complications.

I invite you to see this Video on stroke: click here . It allows you to betterto knowthis phenomenon and to properly help the person who suffers.

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