Collage in 5 minutes: benefits, functions, effects on wrinkles, recommendations

You will find in this video and in this article :

- The definition of collagen

- The different functions of collagen in our body

- The benefits of collagen

- The effects of collagen on wrinkles and fine lines

- Collagen-based creams and collagen injections

- Recommendations on the use of collagen

- How to naturally provide collagen to our body?

To begin with, you should know that collagen is a protein that is found in many tissues in our body, such as: skin, teeth, tendons, ligaments, bones, bone cartilage (tissue found at the ends of bones and joints), blood vessels and the cornea (the outermost part of the eye, the transparent tunic that covers the eye)

The main action of this protein is to give resistance and elasticity to the tissues where it is found.

It is interesting to know that it is the protein that is found in greater quantity in our body.

It is composed of 3 chains that are in turn formed by a thousand amino acids (molecules that enter into the composition of proteins) including proline and lysine.

These chains are organized as fibers that can be seen under a microscope, these are the collagen fibers.

You should know that there are different types of collagen depending on the tissues where it is found.

Some people may have abnormalities in the production of collagen in their body.

This is the case for people who suffer from scleroderma. In this disease, collagen fibers spread abnormally throughout the body, causing various complications such as fibrous thickening of the skin.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the collagen incorporated in many cosmetic creams and ointments has only a superficial action.

Indeed, it cannot cross the different layers of the skin (dermis, hypodermis) to act in depth. 

This is why the effectiveness of these products is regularly questioned. They still provide good hydration of the skin.

There is no guaranteed effect on wrinkles, but as a preventive measure, they can delay the aging of the skin thanks to their moisturizing action.

On the other hand, injections of bovine collagen are used to fill in wrinkles and fine lines.

The results are quite satisfactory, however the effect is not permanent, it generally fades after 12 months, so the injections must be repeated.

Be aware that there are contraindications to this type of injection, especially in cases of allergy or autoimmune diseases.

Tests must be performed before this type of practice in order to limit possible complications.

It is also possible to add collagen directly to the body by consuming broths made from bones and bovine carcasses (calf's bottom) or by taking food supplements made from marine collagen (from fish bones) or collagen from the membrane of the hen's egg shell called Ovoderm.

The latter is a vegetarian collagen, it has the same benefits as the pure collagen present in our body. It is used in particular to: relieve joint pain, give flexibility to joints and limit joint stiffness.

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