The Millepertuis, a real natural antidepressant, but not only!


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- The main constituents of St. John's Wort

- The active ingredients of St. John's Wort

- The Millepertuis and its indications

- Millepertuis in the treatment of depression

- Recommendations on the use of St. John's Wort

- The side effects of the thousandpertuis

- The contraindications of the thousandpertuis

Millepertuis is often advised when the person begins to have the first symptoms of the depression.

This plant still has many subtleties to know imperatively.

To begin with, know that the Millepertuis has different types of use:

  • In application local, it allows to relieve them irritation of the skin, burns light and the bite insects
  • By oral route, it can restrict them symptoms of a passenger depression Before it evolves in a real depression, it also acts on digestive disorders

The multiple actions of this plants are due to the various active substances which it contains as hypericin, pseudohyperor and HyperForine which belongs to the group of phloroglucinols (antispasmodic).

You should know that the mechanisms action of these substances on states depressive are not yet really known, although their effects are approved by public health bodies.

I draw your attention to the fact that the thousandpertuis can have an action on the symptoms of a Transitional passenger depression (symptoms that are mild to moderate). When the depression is permed (present for a while), this plant cannot replace an antidepressant treatment given for depression moderate at severe.

To find out what level is your depression It is imperative to to consult a doctor, especially if the symptoms have persisted since at least 2 weeks.

To relieve passenger depression, it is advisable to take it for 4 to 8 weeks, first changes are manifested after 4 weeks about. So you shouldn't stop treatment if you don't see any results.

On the other hand if at the end of 6 weeks Nothing happens, do not hesitate to contact your doctor To have more effective treatment.

Also know that it should not be Not stop it overnight, you have to go very gradually by overcoming, for example reducing the dose by half for a week, then taking it every other day for a week, then every day, ...

Besides, it is the only medicinal plant that is Actually recognized by health authorities for this indication.

It is imperative to know that this plant is versus-notede in people with disorders bipolar or manic-depression, as well as in people allergic to this plant.

St. John's Wort can cause a drought of the stuffy, it is therefore recommended to drink at least 2 L of water per day.

He also can provoke a photosensitization skin during exposure to the sun or UV (irritation, redness, pimples), you must avoid exposing yourself to Sun as well as UVWhen taking the thousandpertuis.

This canvas plant lead to a wrong of head and an hustle in some people.

I want to alert you to the fact that the Millepertuis interact with many medications, of the plants and supplements food. He favorselimination of the active ingredients of the drugs in question and reduces their effectiveness, which can unbalance The patient in his illness.

These are the treatments given for diseases cardiacs, pills contraceptives, them antidepressants, anti-migraine, them antiepileptics, drugs given against cholesterol, the treatments pressed against the HIV, the iron, some painkillers, them anti-inflammatory, and the chemotherapy, ...

At the level of plants, he can interact with the valerian, the passiflore, Aubepine.

Concerning the supplements food, he can interact with some amino acids Like tryptophan.

The list of interactions is very long, so if you ever want to take this plant ask first the opinion of your doctor or pharmacist, specifying the ESSESE of your diseases and treatments.

If you are pregnant or that you breastfeeding, It is not recommended to take a thousandpertuis. Likewise, it should be avoided in the children of M6 year olds, the dose must be Split by 2 in children less than 12 years.

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