Colds: causes, prevention, treatment


You find in this video and in this article;

- The definition of a cold

- The symptoms of colds

- microorganisms that cause colds and its complications

- Treatments to quickly relieve a cold

First of all, know that colds is a disease due to avirus. He usually heals on his own after one to two weeks.

The symptoms of the cold are very characteristic:

Mumm treatments are to relieve symptoms. It is advisable to:

It is imperative to know that a cold can worsen by abacterial infection. In this case it is absolutely necessary to consult thedoctorIn order to takeAdapted antibioticsto the bacteria that infects the patient's body.

If the cold is accompanied byvery violent headache, of afeveror asignificant painat the level of theearand/orrespiratory genesand/orbloodin thenasal secretions, themedical consultationis essential because it can be an underlying infection. This must be treated as quickly as possible.

If the symptoms do not diminish after 5 days, you must also consult a doctor.

Unlike the flu, there is no vaccine To prevent colds, it can however be avoided while respecting some simple rules to apply such as:

Finally, haveregular physical activityand onebalanced dietAllows you to fill up vitamins and optimize its natural defenses.

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