Slimming cremes: composition, efficiency, advice


You find in this video and in this article:

- What are slimming creams made up?

- What is caffeine?

- What is caffeine doing when applied to the skin?

- The other components of slimming creams

- How to apply the slimming cream to have maximum efficiency?

- Are slimming creams really effective?

With the arrival of summer, many people try the use of creams slimming in order to to lose in round of cut, ofthigh, ...etc.

However, we must know the composition and the factors allowing devalue the effectiveness of these creams so as not to be surprised of the results After use.

Most slimming creams are made up of caffeine. This substance thermogenic Favor the metabolism of the lipids when it penetrates the skin thus causing a reduction from round of cut, ofthigh, ... etc, in a few days of use.
You should know that the caffeine to one efficiency dose-dependent, (the more it is concentrated in the cream, the more effective the cream) but it also has a limit of penetration through the skin up to 5%. A cream with a caffeine content of 15% will therefore have the same efficiency as another cream with a caffeine content of 5%.

In order to improve the efficiency of these creams, some manufacturers incorporate assets drainingdrawn from plant extracts such as ivy, ruscus ... etc, these allow Wrestle against the retentionwater and the edema.

the fashion use is also an important factor for having a maximum efficiency. It is best to apply the cream after the shower in the tapping on the skin to favor its penetration and then carry out massages.

Slimming creams can give good results concerning the loss of the waist, thigh ... etc, when they have a content sufficient in principles assets and are used regularly with the gestures appropriate.

However, we must not forget that their stock is only superfitial , local and of short duration. They do not replace not a feed balanced accompanied by a activity physical regular .

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