Selenium: benefits, roles, deficiency, food, supplementation recommendations


You find in this video and in this article:

- The different functions of selenium

- Selenium food sources

- Signs of selenium deficiency

- The effects of excess selenium contribution

- selenium and Prostate cancer

- supplementation selenium, recommendations

Selenium is a trace element that also plays the role antioxidant. The latter make it possible to combat the oxidation phenomenon.

I very simply explain this phenomenon in the video devoted to wrinkles and anti-wrinkles, here is the link of this video:

Selenium is a real protective cellular.

It allows the proper functioning of system immuneand some thyroid (gland that is at the level of the neck, its function is to release thyroid hormones),See video on the thyroid and its dysfunctions

Selenium also intervenes in the right production of the sperm, the good health of hair and nail as well as elimination molecules toxic such as metals heavy (Mercury, lead).

It is interesting to know that the level of selenium within plants is directly linked to the quality of soil where they are cultivated.

the lack selenium is not very common.

Rather, it affects people who live in regions where the amount of selenium is low in the soil levels such as in China.

People affected by diseases intestinal Chronicles (Crohn's disease) can be in lack of selenium.

Symptoms of deficiency in selenium are disorders cardiovascular, a reduction of Immunity, disturbances in the production of the sperm and a more frequent appearance of certain types of cancer.

He can be advisable in case of deficiency or in prevention diseases cardiovascular, from aging accelerated cells and certain cancers such as cancer from lung, of the prostate or colon.

I greatly draw your attention to the fact that taking supplements food enriched in selenium and in Vitamin E promotes the appearance of cancer of the prostate.

It is therefore strongly not recommended to men To take both selenium and vitamin E in food supplements, above if there are history of prostate cancer within their fram.

Likewise know that excess of selenium perhaps toxic for health. It causes them effects opposite From its benefits (weakening of hair and nails, fatigue, skin infection, particular breath).

I also want to tell you that people who suffer from goitre (increase in the volume of the thyroid gland), should not not take of selenium in addition to their diet.

Selenium food sources are the fruits of sea, them Pisces, them eggs, the meat, them cereals complete cultivated in soils rich in selenium and nut from Brazil which are rich in selenium and vitamin E. To have the benefits of these 2 antioxidant without going to toxic doses, it is enough to eat 1 to 3 nuts from Brazil per day maximum.

A diet balanced and varied allows us to largely fill the needs of our body compared to this trace element. It should not be supplemented in men and in particular in those likely to develop prostate cancer.

If your diet does not allow you to meet your needs in this trace element, food supplements can be used in the form of a cure of 3 to 4 weeks with the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Here is an example of this type of food supplements.

Selenium Granions 55 µg - 100% of the recommended intake

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