The benefits of the Harpagophyton in 5 minutes!

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- the different parts of the harpagophyton or the devil's claw

- Harpagophyton active substances

- The virtues of the harpagophyton

- What are the side effects of the Harpagophyton?

- What are the contraindications of the Harpagophyton?

- How to use the harpagophyton: capsules, herbal tea, infusion, creams, ointment, frost

- Harpagophyton, opinion and recommendations

Harpagophyton (or Harpagophytum) is a original plant African, named claw from devil.

The parts used within this plant are the roots secondary.

Harpagophyton is very beneficial to fight against pain joint, the rheumatism, osteoarthritis(Deterioration of long -term joints)Arthritis(inflammation of the joints) and the low back pain(back pain).

It promotes the mobility and the flexibility joints. It also makes it possible to relieve the pain caused by a sprain or a tendinitis (Inflammation of the tendon, a structure which makes it possible to insert the muscle in the bone).

Harpagophyton also intervenes in digestion, it facilitates it by promoting the release of juice gastric (substances produced within the stomach which allows digestion)

Harpagophyton active substances are the harpagosides, Harpagoquinone, and acid cinnamic. These substances allow reduce the production of certain molecules involved in the reaction inflammatory and which cause these symptoms such as prostaglandins.

He presents himself under different shapesIn ingestion (dry or liquid extract, capsules, tablets, dry plant) and in local application in topical (cream, gel, ointment).

To benefit from the benefits of the Harpagophyton, the specialties used must contain a quantity minimum active ingredients:harpagoside (1 to 2%) or gluco-iridoids (3%).

Organic harpagophytum, extra strong | 3000mg per day, 2.5% harpagosides | Joints, tendons, mobility | Devil's claws | 60 vegan capsules | Superior quality

Harpagophyton can be consumed in the form of an infusion, it is enough to pay1 to 2 spoons of dry roots in a large glass of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes then drink the drink.

Harpagophytum 250 GRS Extra (Devil's claw) cut down.

The Harpagophyton Cure should not exceed 4 weeks, it is important to take a 10 -day break between each cure.

You still have to know that the effectsHarpagophyton cures manifest themselves that after some weeks treatment.

The main side effects of Aharpagophyton are disorders intestinal, of thediarrhea, of the irritationstomach

In order to limit these side effects, it is advisable to take the Harpagophyton during meals.

I draw your attention to the fact that the consumption of Harpagophyton canincrease the tension arterial.

This plant is contraindicated in case of pregnancy, d 'feeding with milk, in children less than 18 years, but also in people who suffer fromcalculations biller, d 'ulcers, ofgastritis, ofGERD (gastroesophageal reflux), as well as in patients on anti coagulants(risk of interaction).

Because of its various side effects and contraindications, it is imperative to first request the advice of your doctor or pharmacist by specifying all of your medical treatment and history (diseases, disorders, disruption ... ) before taking food supplements or harpagophyton -based infusions.

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

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