Strawberry: benefits in 3 min!


You find in this video and in this article:

- The main constituents of the strawberry

- Strawberry properties

- the number of calories per 100g of strawberries

The strawberry containsvitaminsgroups HAS, BandVS as well as mineralsas the potassium(K), the calcium(CA), the iron(Fe), the phosphorus and the magnesium(Mg).

It allows you to fight against depression, the nervousness, the stress and the fatigue.

She is beneficial for the memory and the seen.

Its properties diuretics(increase in the release of urine) allow the elimination of urea, uric acid as well as bladder and intestine toxins.

It allows you to fight against constipation and help digestion.

It prevents the risk of the appearance of diseases cardiovascular and certain types ofcancer. It also allows to fight against I'anemia.

It contains very few lipids and it is unclearS (36 kcal per 100g), the strawberry is therefore very recommended during diets to lose weight.

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