Garlic: benefits in less than 3 minutes!

L'garliccontains manyvitaminsas well astrace elementsandmineralsessential to our body.Discover these multiple benefits in less than 2 minutes!

Garlic is a food rich in vitamins groups HAS, B, VS and E. It also contains oligo-elements and minerals such as the potassium, the phosphorus, the iron and the calcium.

The garlic is made up of a molecule called Allicine who is a real antibiotic natural giving it a very strong power disinfectant on our body.

This food therefore makes it possible to fight against respiratory infections, otitis, colds and sore throat.

By its various constituents, regular consumption of garlic is also beneficial to limit the appearance of rheumatism, from the excess of cholesterol, of the cardiovascular illnesses and thrombosis (clots that are formed within blood vessels hindering the good circulation of blood), in particular due to its properties of fluidifiers bloody.

Finally garlic is one of the food promoting the production of testosterone thus ensuring good fertility in humans.

To use garlic in all your dishes with simplicity, here is my tool prefer :)

Garlic press, click here

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