Aloe vera or aloe benefits


You find in this video:

- the different parts of the aloe vera used most often

- Aloe vera sap or latex: composition, use, contraindication

- The translucent gel of aloe vera: composition, use

Aloe vera also called aloes is an increasingly used plant for its different properties.

The two most exploited parts are on the one hand the sap Where Divered latex and the translucent gel.

Aloe vera sap is rich in substance called barbaloin who have a role of stimulating laxative. These molecules make it possible to fight against constipation occasional.

You still have to be careful because these substances can irritate The intestine if used in large quantities over a long period (more than 10 days).

They are therefore contraindicated in people who suffer from diseases inflammatory chronicles of the institin or IMB, obstruction or intestinal narrowing, hemorrhagic rectocolitis, ...

The second part of the most used aloe vera is its translucent gel. It contains molecules called salycilates to reduce theinflammation and promote healing.

It is generally advisable to relieve small cuts, injuries and small sunburn.

Here is a moisturizing, soothing and refreshing gel made from Aloe Vera with90% organic aloe vera gel from fair trade. This refreshing gel with ultra-light texture hydrates and soothes dry and sensitive skin. Non -fat, it applies easily to the body and face. Multiusage, it can also be used as a night mask, applied in a thick layer on cleaned skin. It is formulated without alcohol, neither coloring, nor perfume.


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