Benefits of MELON in 3 minutes, a food for DETOX

In this video and in this health and wellness blog post you will find:

-What are the benefits of melon?

- Is melon good for your health?

- Does melon make you fat?

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The melon is a very good fruit for our health, both by eating it and by applying it to our skin in the form of a mask.

It is rich in vitamins of the A, B, C group and in trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

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Thanks to its diuretic properties (promotes the elimination of urine), melon helps to eliminate toxins from our body.

The consumption of melon facilitates digestion and helps to fight against constipation.

It is a very beneficial fruit for the stomach, the cardiovascular system and breastfeeding.

It is one of the foods that allow us to have a beautiful skin.

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The consumption of melon is recommended for people who suffer from anemia, rheumatism and gout (disease due to excess uric acid).

Finally, you should know that 100 g of melon contain about 34 calories (1 slice of melon weighs about 150 g), so you can consume a lot of them during your diet.

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