Lose weight by counting calories

Counting Calories for Weight Loss: Useful or Not?

Counting calories is often the first reflex when starting a weight-loss program. It gives us benchmarks against which to monitor our diet and evaluate our progress. But is it really useful to fixate on calorie figures?

As with anything, it's important not to become obsessed with counting calories. Some people fall into this trap, analyzing every food with a calorie magnifying glass. At first, this can be beneficial in establishing a baseline and understanding our eating habits.

However, once you've mastered the concepts of calories and nutrition, it's essential not to become a slave to this counting. Otherwise, it can monopolize our energy and mind, plunging us into a state of unnecessary stress.

The aim of losing weight and leading a healthy life is to adopt good long-term habits, without putting undue pressure on ourselves. Constant calorie counting can create mental and emotional tension, distracting us from our ultimate goal of feeling good in body and mind.

Calorie counting can be a useful tool at the start of a journey, but it shouldn't become an obsession. The important thing is to cultivate healthy, balanced habits on a daily basis, without focusing solely on the numbers. Focusing on overall well-being rather than calories ingested is the key to lasting health and stable weight.

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