Orange: benefits, composition, health effects in 3 mins!

 You find in this video and in this article:

- The main vitamins of orange

- The main trace elements and minerals of orange

- antioxidants, cell aging and orange

- the benefits of orange on the skin, bones and the cardiovascular system

- vitamin C, recommended daily intakes and orange

- orange and its effects on intestinal transit and constipation

- regular consumption of oranges and its effects on cholesterol and triglycerides levels

- Orange calories

- Recommendations on the consumption of oranges

First, know that orange is a real source of: fiberspotassium(K),calcium(CA) andmagnesium(Mg). She is also rich in vitamins of the group VS and E.

It is a fruit that has about 80 % water, which gives it strong thirst -quenching power.

Thanks to its content in vitamin C, it stimulates natural defenses and fighting fatigue.

Note that the consumption of the pressed juice of two oranges per day provides the organization with the necessary needs for vitamin C.

It is interesting to know that orange contains antioxidants (flavonoids) which protect cells from aging and limits harmful reactions that can drive Many diseases.

It is beneficial for the skin, the bones, the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, the prevention of certain types of cancer such as cancer of the mouth, pharynx or digestive tract.

It also helps to facilitate digestion and to fight against constipation.

Regular orange consumption allows excess excess of the rate of cholesterol And triglycerides, which limits the risk of the appearance of cardiovascular disease.

Know that it is low in calories, there are only 45 calories for 100 g Orange. An orange weighs on average 150 g (67 calories), you can therefore consume it during your diets without feeling guilty.

To benefit from all its benefits, it is advisable to consume it whole within 10 days of its purchase.

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