Calcium oxalate, main cause of Renal calculations: definition, causes, signs, diet


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of calcium oxalate

- The different types of calcium oxalate (monohydrate calcium oxalate, dihydrate calcium oxalate)

- calcium oxalate, kidney stones, nephretic colic

- The causes of the increase in the rate of calcium oxalate

- calcium oxalate and food recommendations

Calcium oxalate is a molecule that is the basis of calculations renal.

Kidney stones are sets of crystals that agglutinate between them. These crystals are composed mainly oxalate of calcium (Molecule made up of carbon, oxygen and calcium atoms).

There are several forms of calcium oxalate: calcium oxalate monohydrate(linked to 1 water molecule), it constitutes 80 % of kidney stones and calcium oxalate dihydrate (linked to 2 water molecules), it represents 20 % of kidney stones.

Calcium oxalate level monohydratecan increase in urine due to a lack of contribution in water (less than 2L per day), too much consumption of products rich in oxalate (chocolate, beer, peanut, sorrel, etc.) or because of a disease geneticrare called hyperoxaluria primary.

The increase in calcium oxalate in its form dihydrate is linked directly to a rise rate of calcium in the urine due to too much weak in water or to a disease likehyperparathyroidism (too large stimulation of the parathyroid glands, small glands that are just above the thyroid).

The parathyroid glands intervene in the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium Thanks to the release of a hormone called parathormone.

Calcium oxalate crystals can be present at the levels of the kidneys without necessarily leading to symptoms individuals.

On the other hand, they can walk around and arrive within the Urtere (Small pipe that connects the kidneys to the bladder). At this level, they can block the passage of urine, which causes significant pain in the lower back. It is the nephretic colitis, the pain is very intense and strongly disrupt the patient.

To limit the increase in the rate of calcium oxalate, the best advice I can give you is to drink Regularly water (2 l per day).

If you are ever touched regularly by this type of calculations, do not hesitate to talk about it with your doctor and consult a specialist doctor (urologist). This can conduct investigations and find the cause of this elevation in order to remedy it as effectively as possible.

It is also important to restrict Food consumption rich in oxalate such as the chocolate, peanuts, peanuts, spinach, beet, clerk, nuts, gelatin as well as vitamin C (It turns into oxalate). Know all the same that 90 % of our oxalate comes from the production of our own organization.

You should know that the significant consumption of protein lead to an elevation of the rate of calcium in the urine, which can promote the increase in the rate of calcium oxalate.

People suffering obesity and people consuming a lot of salt tend to produce more oxalate, which promotes the appearance of kidney stones.

The practice of a activity physical Regular and suitable helps limit the formation of these crystals.

I want to tell you that it is not necessary to reduce its calcium consumption to lower the oxalate level, because the calcium allows capture Oxalate inside of stomach and limit your absorption by promoting your elimination by stool.

Calcium intake through food, on the contrary, allows reduce training calculations renal.

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