Dry / dry skin: causes and solutions


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- The causes of dry skin

- different skin types, dry skin, mixed skin, oily skin

- Sebum, definition and functions

- How to avoid having dry skin?

- How to treat dry skin?

The dryness of the skin affects many people and can cause itchy important as well as small cracks and cuts skin. She is also called gathering, xerosis Where xeroderma.

It is interesting to know that there are different types of skin Depending on the body of the body or face: the skin dried, the skin normal and the skin fat.

These skin types can differ from one body part to another, for example a person can have oily skin in the face, but dry skin at the levels of the hands, arms and feet.

These different skin types are linked to the more or less significant production of sebum.

Sebum is a substance made up of fatty acids and water, that's the film hydrolipidic which protects the skin from external aggressions. It is produced by the glands sebaceous which are in our skin.

The more sebum there is the greasy the skin, on the contrary the less sebum the more the skin is dry.

The dryness of the skin can have different causes For example :

  • Age, the more we get older the skin becomes dry, because there is a reduction in sebum production
  • Of the diseases as hypothyroidism, psoriasis, eczema and the taking of some medications (diuretics, acne treatment, etc.)
  • Factors environmentaland thehygiene of life Like cold, heat, exposure too intense in the sun, excessive use of hygiene products (shower gel, alcohol, hydro alcoholic gel, ...), insufficient water supply (less than 1 , 5L per day), a diet poor in zinc and essential fatty acids (Omega 3, omega-6), wash with very limestone water, wear too tight clothes that attack the skin, a significant use of household products without gans, tobacco consumption, ...
  • Changes hormonals, at puberty the skin becomes more oily, to menopause the skin becomes dry

Skin drought can be accompanied by the appearance of dandruff, redness and chappers.

I draw your attention to the fact that dry skin should be supported Especially if it causes permanent scratching causing more or less important wounds. These are the front door of different viruses and bacteria which can cause infections, but also leave scars that will find it difficult to disappear.

The application of creams moisturizers and healing Allows you to relieve drought. If these creams are not sufficient, it is best to consult a doctor(dermatologist) to see if there is not an underlying disease.

The treatments are based on moisturizers. Creams made up of corticosteroid can also be prescribed to limit inflammation.

To limit drought of the skin, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 l of water per day, to use surgras soaps, real Marseille soap, to limit the use of shower gels, to avoid The baths, to favor showers with lukewarm water less aggressive than hot water, to wear gans for cleaning and dishes, to avoid sun exposure especially between 10 a.m. and 16 hours, to apply A moisturizing antisolary cream, to have a balanced and varied diet (fruits, vegetables, fatty fish).

In terms of medicinal plants, calendula and frost aloe vera help hydrate the skin and relieve irritation.

Here is a very soft soap that is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and toilets of babies and young children

Surgras soap with goat milk andCalendulaWithout essential oils, Click here for more information

The best advice I can give you is to hydrate regularly Your skin with a moisturizer after the shower.

The main moisturizing active ingredients are glycerol, the petroleum jelly, and the paraffin, They are made up of fatty substances.

It is essential to limit the use of large pots of creams available, especially in supermarkets. They are very rich in ingredients (parabens, etc.) that can be harmful to our long -term health. It is preferable to choose creams with simple formulas containing the minimum effective active principles.

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz) application

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