Differences between a radio, a scanner and an MRI


Radiography, scanner and MRI are widely used medical imaging techniques today. Discover the points of difference between these different exams.

Let's start with the most used imaging technique, the radiography.

This technique uses X-rays. These rays more or less cross the structures of our organism and land on a support.X -raygives an image of the targeted organ in 2 dimensions.

The dense the structure, the less it is crossed by X -rays. For example, the bones being very dense, they stop the X rays while the muscles let them pass. The bone comes out in white and muscle darker (Grey). The lungs being filled with air give a clearer image.

It may happen that the patient takescontrast products in injection or orally in order to increase the visibility of the area to be studied.

The role of contrast products have the role of stopping X -rays and reflecting a more precise image. These products are generally composed of iodine. They can draw a heat stroke (this effect subsequently fade), nausea or vomiting in some people. It is therefore recommended to take them on an empty stomach. They can also cause allergic reactions in certain cases. Preventive treatment to limit the risk of allergy can be prescribed to the patient the day before the examination.

These contrast products can also interact with certain types of drugs, it is therefore imperative to report to your doctor the whole of your treatments.

You should know that too frequent exposure to the X -ray throughout life can increase the risk of the appearance of cancers. This is why some doctors favor other methods such as ultrasound or MRI.

the to scan Also called computed tomography is a radiography technique which is based on the same principles of classical radiography. She also uses Rbe x, but the images are in 3 dimensions.

This imaging technique gives slices images (like Lorque we cut a sausage) from the area considered. The images are therefore more precise than the Classic radiography.

Contrast products can also be used to improve the visibility of the area to be studied.

The scanner is generally recommended to observe the presence or not of small damage such as a hemorrhage, a small tumor ...

The risks linked to the scanner and the contrast products are the same than those of classic radiography.

Finally, one of the most used imaging methods is MRI or nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.

It is a technique that uses magnetic fields, that is to say all the forces resulting from the displacement of electrical loads.

Under the influence of the electric field, hydrogen atoms composing water molecules H2O of our body exchange guidance and then come back to their initial state. This orientation variation causes the emission of a signal that is recorded. It gives a very precise and detailed image of the area to be studied.

MRI also uses contrast products, but of a different nature than radio and scanner.

It is often used to precisely observe organs such as brain, spinal cord, muscles, tendons ...

It is imperative to remove any metal object (jewelry) Before the exam. Know that people with a cardiac stimulator or metal prostheses at the heart of the heart cannot go from MRI, hence the importance of informing your doctor.

It is also interesting to know that this examination can cause burns on tattooed skin, precautions are set up by the specialist.

Finally, MRI is not a painful examination and does not require anesthesia.She However, is quite noisy, but rest assured, it does not cause hearing disorder.

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