What are the effects of ALUMINIUM on the body? Information to know in 6 minutes

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Aluminum is a metal that is found in many products (objects, food, drinks, cosmetics, vaccines, ...)

Unlike other metals such as iron, copper or zinc, aluminum has no biological function in our body.

Aluminum can enter our body through the ingestion of different foods or drinks, breathing in the air, the use of certain cosmetics, taking different medications (antacids or gastric dressings given in case of heartburn) or the administration of certain vaccines;

It is important to know that only a small part of the aluminum is absorbed by our body, the majority of the absorbed aluminum is eliminated by the stools as well as the urine thanks to the renal filtration.

The other part that escapes this elimination can be deposited in our bones, brain, lungs and liver by accumulating.

Aluminum is often found in water, industrial food (it is hidden in the additives E173, E520, E554, ...), it promotes the preservation of food, it is also used as a dye.

Aluminum is also found in vegetables, cereals, spices and tea grown in aluminum-rich soils, it can also migrate from kitchen utensils to our meals.

I would like to point out that aluminum can also be found in baby food such as infant formula and some compotes.

Many cosmetics contain aluminum, and in particular deodorants, it is thanks to aluminum that the pores of the can close which causes the anti-perspirant effect.

Alum stone also contains aluminum and works on the same principle.

Be aware that the more the skin is damaged, the more aluminum can penetrate our body, that is why it is recommended not to use deodorant that contains it after shaving.

In some vaccines, aluminum is found in the adjuvants (substances added in addition to the main component of the vaccine that will trigger immunity) it allows to strengthen the protection of the body and the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The harmful effects of aluminum appear especially in professionals who work in contact with aluminum as well as in kidney patients under dialysis.

The harmful effects of aluminum are problems in the bones and brain that resemble Alzheimer's disease. However, the link between Alzheimer's disease and aluminum has not yet been fully proven, and aluminum may exacerbate this disease.

For the moment, the harmful effects of aluminum, which enters the body through food, cosmetics and health products, have not yet been demonstrated in people who do not suffer from kidney failure or in people who are not in regular contact with this element outside the professional context.

Similarly, the link between breast cancer and aluminum has not yet been fully established, although observations have been made in these areas.

Because of its capacity to accumulate and the harmful effects it could have on the lungs, bones and brain, limits have been placed on its use in various fields. It is best to limit it as much as possible, especially if you have kidney problems.

Do not hesitate to read the labels of the products you consume and to decipher the additives that may contain it.

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

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