RCH, hemorrhagic rectocolite, ulcerative colitis: definition, signs, treatments, food

You find in this video and in this article:

- the definition of RCH also called rectocolitis hemorrhagic or ulcerative colitis

- symptoms of hemorrhagic rectocolitis

- complications of hemorrhagic rectocolitis

- The causes of rectocolitis hemorrhagic

- Hemorrhagic rectocolite treatments

- Hemorrhagic rectocolitis in children and adolescents

- hemorrhagic rectocolitis and food, recommendations

The Rch (hemorrhagic rectocolite) is also called ulcerative colitis.

RCH is a disease that affects the rectum (terminal part of the large intestine which overlooks the anus) and/or colon (large intestine).

She is part of the group of Asbest (Chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine).

She trains a inflammation of the layer most external of the wall inside the colon and/or rectum.

People most affected by this disease have between 30 and 40 years, but it can also affect younger people.

I want to inform you that it is not a sickness contagious.

The symptoms the most frequent are fatigue, of the illness of belly, a urge frequent and pressing to go to the toilet with most often a release of mucous Accompanied by blood, of the burns at the anus level, I'anemia, of the disorders from sleep (repeated awakening to go to toilet overnight), a weight loss Can also happen when the crisis thrust lasts a few weeks.

These symptoms appear especially during crisis. Apart from crises, the person is in remission, that is to say that there is no particular discomfort.

It exists different RCH forms as a function of area touched:

  • Rch ulcerative, only at the level of rectum
  • Proctosigmoid, at the levels of the rectum and the sigmoid colon (just above the rectum), it represents 60 % of RCH cases
  • Colitis left, at the levels of the rectum, the sigmoid colon and the large intestine
  • Pancolite,touch the rectum and the entire colon

Some people are more likely to develop RCH according to their predisposition genetic.

This is a disease car-immune, that is to say that has a given moment according to factors environmental (Hygiene of life, stress, etc.) The person's immune system attacks cells in the most external layer in the colon.

The diagnosis is made by a doctor specialist (gastroenterologist) which observes the interior of the rectum and the colon via an exam called the rectosigmidoscopy.

I draw your attention to the fact that this disease can also affect them children and the adolescents. It can cause disruption at the level of growth And good passage to puberty. It is therefore imperative to follow a nutrition adapted To limit these disturbances.

I want to reassure you because this disease is not a serious disease in itself. However, it is very important to good follow them treatments maintenance in order to limit crises and more or less large long -term complications.

The seizures of RCH can strongly disturb the daily of the person. They must be supported with treatments adapted prescribed by a specialist doctor gastroenterologist.

During crises, it is advisable to reduce The consumption of fruits and vegetables, spices, alcohol and caffeine drinks. Apart from crises, the patient must follow a balanced and varied diet without any particular restrictions.

The treatments are based on anti-inflammatory and of regulators of the system immune

The aminosalyciles (Mesalazine) are anti-inflammatory drugs with local action. The oral form has been designed for resist to the digestion and bring a effect direct Located at the intestinal wall.

For more severe forms resistant to corticosteroid, based treatments immunosuppressants can be implemented.

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