Top 7 MAGNESIUM-rich foods

Magnesium is a very important mineral for the proper functioning of our body.

What are the foods richest in magnesium?

Here are the Top 7 foods high in MAGNESIUM :

1. Unsweetened cocoa powder, it contains 470 mg of magnesium per 100 g.

2. Sardines in olive oil, which contain 467 mg of magnesium per 100 g.

3. Brazil nuts contain 360 mg of magnesium per 100 g.

4. Wheat germ, contains 260 mg of magnesium per 100 g.

5. Seafood, it contains an average of 200 mg of magnesium per 100 g.

6. Whole grain bread or wholemeal bread contains 100 mg of magnesium per 100 g.

7. Magnesium-rich mineral waters, which contain an average of 80 mg of magnesium per 1 L.

These foods are a source of magnesium for our body, it is essential to consume them in order to meet our magnesium needs.

Dr Noura Marashi (doctor of pharmacy, health youtuber, creator of the health and well-being application Pharmaquiz),

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