Vitamin A: roles, deficiency, food sources



You find in this video and in this article:

- The main functions of vitamin A

- The effects of vitamin A deficiency

- The causes of vitamin A deficiency

- excess vitamin A contribution

- Vitamin A in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding

- Treatment against acne, derivatives of vitamin A, isoretinoin and trétinoine

- Vitamin A in smokers

- The food sources of vitamin A

The Vitamin A is very beneficial for the health of the skin and the seen, in particular the vision in the darkness.

It also participates in the operation of immune system and good development of the bone as well as oraganes at the house of The embryo.

It is mainly in the form of retinol or Provitamin A(beta-carotene) in our diet. These molecules are simply precursors Vitamin A. They are transformed into vitamin A within our organism.

Vitamin A is mainly stored the level of liver.

You should know that the deficiency in vitamin A can cause a deterioration important vision and lead blindness in the most serious cases. It results in more and more difficulty in the night and thedarkness.

This deficiency can also cause problems of skin and a delay of the growth in children.

It is less and less frequent in industrialized countries.

It is generally presented in people who have:

  • A lack of broughtt in vitamin A
  • Problems in terms of liver
  • Problems in terms of digestive system

To prevent the vitamin A deficiency in children and newborns, it is advisable to pregnant women and breastfeeding to consume food rich in vitamin A. However, they must above all not supplement their diet with food supplements enriched with vitamin A, because theexcess contribution to this vitamin can cause complications important in children and new people.

It is also important to know that food supplements made of Vitamin A must not be consumed by smokers. Indeed, they can Increase the risk of appearance of cancers in these people.

Likewise, people who are under treatmentsanti-acne such as Isoretinoin or the tretinoinmust refrain from taking food supplements based on vitamin A, as they could promote the side effects of their treatments.

The main sources vitamin A are the butter, the Fresh cream, the yellow egg, the Fish liver, vegetables (carrot, Red pepper, spinach, ...) and fruits (apricots, watermelon, ...).

Finally, it is interesting to know that vitamin A is a liposoluble vitamin, that is to say that it is attracted by fatty substances.

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