Menopause: symptoms, HS, phytoestrogens


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of menopause

- Menopause symptoms

- physical and mental changes that can accompany menopause

- Hormonal substitution treatment (HRT): risks and contraindications

- phytoestrogens and medicinal plants recommended during menopause

- the food supplements recommended during menopause

- the hygieno-dietetic rules to follow during menopause

Menopause is due to stopping progressive of the production of hormones sexual(estrogens) by ovaries, which leads to end of the appearance of rules.

The woman is menopausal when she has not had her period since minus.

menopause generally arrives at the age of 50 year. It can also manifest itself between 40 and 55 years old. Before its appearance, the rules become more and more irregular and less and less important. You have to consult the doctor if there are everunexpected blood loss, significant irritability, puff of heat intense or sleep disorders.

It is interesting to know that the main symptoms of menopause are:

  • Of the puff of heat
  • Of the disruption from cycle menstrual, the rules become irregular and less and less abundant
  • Disorders from sleep
  • Disorders mood with irritability and some depression sometimes
  • Of the'incontinence urinary
  • Of the fatigue
  • Of the illness of head
  • Of the pain muscle
  • A drought vaginal

You should know that menopause can promote the appearance of Osteoporosis. The bones become more fragile and can break more easily. This osteoporosis is due to a demineralization bones on the long short.

Menopause is also a risk factor for the appearance of diseasescardiovascular as'Hypertension (HTA).

In case of menopause respect for certain rules Hygieno-dietetic helps limit symptoms, reduces the risk of the appearance of diseases and possible complications.

We recommend :

  • To have a feed varied and balanced rich in fruits, vegetables, to take a product dairy with each meal such as milk, yogurt or cheese, restrict its food consumption promoting hot flashes such as some spices, hot drinks based on caffeines like tea or coffee, but also to reduce and stop consumption alcohol and of tobacco, ..
  • Have a activity physical regular as walking for example helps fight osteoporosis, overweight, cardiovascular diseases but also depression

When the disturbances caused by menopause become less and less bearable for the patient and disrupt his daily life, the doctor may consider the implementation of a hormonal substitution treatment HS. Given the risks it can cause, it is the doctor and the patient to see if taking this type of treatment is really necessary or not.

HRTs are drugs containing estrogen, they can be in the form of freeze, patches Wheretablets.

It is important to know that taking HRT can promote the risk of the appearance of cancer from breast, of the diseases cardiovascular and Stroke. This treatment is therefore contraindicated among women who have history of cancer breast or uterus as well as in women with diseases cardiovascular or who have had hemorrhages abnormal vaginal.

Food supplements based onisoflavones orphytoestrogenes(Substances resembling estrogens present in soybeans for example), claim to limit the symptoms of menopause. You should know that these food supplements have not not shown real long -term efficiency.

Nevertheless the daily intake of calcium may have beneficial effects in women over 50 on bone protection against Osteoporosis If the total quantity of calcium consumed (food + food supplements) is 1200 mg per day.

Consumption of some plants as the hop Allows to relieve the occurrence of puff of heat In some menopausal women.

Consumption of plants or food supplements based on phytoestrogenes like soy, red clover, .. is not recommended in women with history of cancer from breast or the uterus.

It is interesting to know that aacid amine, the beta-alanine helps reduce hot flashes in some menopausal women. This amino acid is available without prescription in pharmacies. It can be used with the opinion of the doctor or pharmacist in women who do not take hormonal treatment.

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