Allergy: symptoms, causes, treatments


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of allergy

- The different types of allergens

- Symptoms of allergy

- allergy treatments: antihistamines, corticosteroid

The symptoms of allergy are:

Allergy is due to the appearance of aforeign bodyin our body, which causes releaseof histamine.

Histamine is a hormone (chemical messenger circulating through blood) which has many roles like; vigilance regulation, inflammation and the acceleration of heart rate.

To treat the allergy you must firstfind the causethat's to sayallergen and avoid it as much as possible. This allergen can be pollen, mites, animal hair, chemical substance or food.

Allergy symptoms can be relieved by usingantihistaminewhich prevent the action of histamine.

You should know that these drugs can causedrowsiness.

Of thecorticosteroidcan also be prescribed to the patient forreduce inflammation.

AdesensitizationCan be offered to the patient, it is a question of treating the allergy to the source such as vaccination.

Finally if you ever observe aswelling, adifficulty breathingand/orplatesand/oritchy, it is imperative to consult adoctorBecause allergy has reached a serious stage that can cause heavy complications.

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