Anxiety / anxious disorder: definition, symptoms, treatments


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of anxiety

- symptoms of anxiety

- Anxiety disorder

- the physical and psychic consequences of too intense anxiety

- How to prevent anxiety?

- food supplements and medicinal plants to calm anxiety

Anxiety is a natural psychic state which can in some cases evolve into a disease. She can be harmful to the person and his entourage by disturbing their daily lives.

First know that anxietycauses a set of reactions as well as fear, of the panic, of the'anguish, of the nervousness,but also sweating, a feeling ofsuffocation orof ball in the throatas well as palpitations.

When this state is justified by a cause (examination, maintenance, change in professional or personal life, ...), this is completely natural and anxiety gradually disappears according to the situation of the person.

If this state manifests itself permanently and without real apparent cause then it must be considered as a pathology. It's about anxiety disorder.

The main symptoms anxiety are:

  • Of the'worry and of thepermanent anxiety,The person feels that something negative will go even if all is well, it is the fear of the next day
  • Of the fatigue, of the'irritability, of the difficulties at focus
  • Of the illness of head, pains of belly, of the palpitations, of the muscle aches, of the dizziness, of the disorders from sleep, of the spasms, of the diarrhea or constipation, node at stomach ..

The causes anxiety can be diverse, we find:

  • From stress, of the intense fatigue Linked to work for example
  • Of the hormonal changes (menopause)
  • Of the events linked to personal life (aggression, disease affecting a loved one, etc.)

So how to diagnose anxiety?

Simply by observing the symptoms. If the person complains of excessive problems permanently and uncontrollable for more than 6 months and if he presents at least 3 of these signs (fatigue, irritability, difficulties in concentrating, sleep disorders, muscle pain, agitation, overexcitation) then The person suffers from anxiety disorders.

It is recommended see a doctor for fast and suitable support.

I draw your attention to the fact that anxiety disorders can evolve in one depression and cause heavy complications (alcoholism, suicidal ideas, high blood pressure, cardiac problem, diabetes ..) Hence the importance of quickly taking care of the patient.

It is possible to prevent the evolution of a fleeting anxiety in anxious disorder in chatting of his problems with a loved one, a doctor or a psychologist, by performing a sports activity To free up stress and relaxation.

The treatments anxiety allow relieve symptoms via psychotherapy, compliance with hygieno-dietetic rules (alcohol and tobacco stop, balanced diet, regular physical activity, etc.) as well as taking Anxiolytic drugs (benzodiazepines ..). Know that some of these drugs can cause drowsiness.

Finally, some medicinal plants such as passiflore, valerian or hops calm the temporary anxiety as well as some food supplements such as the magnesium.

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