Snoring: Causes, Solutions, SAS (Sleep Apnea Syndrome)


You find in this video and in this article:

- The causes of snoring

- risk factors for snoring

- solutions to snoring

- sleep apnea syndrome, definition and treatments

You should know that snoring occurs when theInspired aircauses vibes of some structures located behind the throat and who have Small anomalies (Base of the tongue that is too thick, veil of the softened palate, too long luette. ...).

The luette is a small muscle that is at the bottom of the mouth. It has a fundamental role in swallowing (swallowing food and saliva).

The risk factors for snoring are:

  • Heredity
  • Overweight
  • Tiredness
  • The tobacco
  • The alcohol
  • Some types of drugs

I draw your attention to the fact that snoring can be associated with Sleep apnea syndrome which results in irregular judgments of breathing during sleep. These judgments last a few seconds and cause a reduction in the oxygenation of the blood. They also lead to successive awakenings during the night preventing a restful sleep. The person tends to fall asleep during the day, which is a risk factor for traffic accident and/or work.

To effectively fight against snoring, the advice I give you is first to consult a specialist doctor (ENT). Indeed only the ENT will be able to find the cause of snoring and give treatments adapted to the person who suffers from it.

It should be noted that over -the -counter treatments in pharmacies are not always effective, they can be useful for certain people and without any effect on others, so it is better to have the advice of your doctor.

Know that compliance with simple rules also helps reduce light snoring like:

  • Stopping smoking and alcohol
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep on the side

If that is not enough, the doctor can offer the wearing of different devices such as:

- The nasal strip, placed on the nose, it increases the opening of nostrils and improving the passage of air, you still have to know that there is a time of adaptation of surroundings 10 days before observing real efficiency

- the dental prosthesis, it keeps the lower jaw and the tongue forward, this has the effect of increasing the opening of the upper respiratory tract

- Palatine implants, these are Polyester's grandchildren that the doctor places at the level of a softened palace to firm it up and avoid vibrations when passing the air, this intervention requires local anesthesia

Finally, be aware that surgical treatments can be offered to the patient. They mainly concern the snoring with Sydrôme of sleep apnea.


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