Omega 3: Benefits, food, recommendations


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of omega 3

- What are the benefits of omega 3 for our health?

- What are the foods rich in omega 3?

Omega-3s areEssential fatty acids, that is to say that they are essential for the proper functioning of our body, but we cannot make them on its own, so we must bring them via our diet.

These fatty acids are very beneficial to our body, they allow:

They are alsoGood for the mind.

Omega-3s are most often found infatty fishlike salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel;

They are also present invegetal oilssuch as olive oil, rapeseed oil, soy oil and linseed oil.

You should know that most of these oils do not resist heat, so it is advisable to use them as a seasoning.

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