STEROIDS / HORMS STEROID: all the information to know!


You find in this video and in this article:

- the definition of sterroids and sterior hormones

- The classification of steroid hormones: estrogens, androgens (testosterone), progestins (progesterone) and glucocorticoids or corticosteroids

- The functions of sterior hormones

- Anabolizers and their properties

- the dangers of non -medical consumption

Steroid steroids or hormones are very popular with athletes, in particular the androgens and theanabolizingBecause of their actions on physical capacities and the recovery After an effort.

Here is the information it is imperative on these substances.

To start know that a hormone is a chemical messenger that is transported through the blood.

The steroidor Streroid hormones are a group of lipids which all include within their chemical formula a nucleus calledsterol (Chemical structure composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxugène atoms linked by characteric links).

Steroids bring together the cholesterol, the vitamin D and the hormones steroid.

The hormones steroid are produced and secreted by glands endocrines(structures capable of producing and freeing hormones) such as the glands adrenal also called corticosurrenales, glands genital and the placenta.

Steroid hormones or steroids can be classified as 3 groups according to their chemical formula:

  • The estrogens
  • The androgensincluding thetestosterone and the anabolizing
  • The progestin which bring together the progesterone and the glucocorticoids(cortisone)

These hormones have many roles within our body. They intervene in the establishment and the development Genital structures in men and women.

The glucocorticoidsas the cortisol are involved in the metabolism of the carbohydrates and proteins,but also in the defenses immune and the reaction inflammatory

The anabolizing are substances that make it possible to stimulate the transformation nutrients in muscular. The main anabolic are the testosterone and its derivatives. They increase the mass muscular, ofreduce the mass fat, d 'increase them capacities physical and offoster the recovery After the effort.

I draw your attention to the fact that the consumption of this types of products outside of medical treatment is dangerous For the body. Indeed, they can in particular causediseases cardiovascular, of the disruption psychic(aggressiveness), problems in terms of liver, an increase in the risk of the appearance of cancer of the prostateand an masculinization of the woman.

To preserve your health and avoid complications, it is imperative not to consume this type of product with the exception of the treatments given to treat a particular pathology.

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