Vitamin C: roles, deficiency, recommendations, food sources

You find in this video and in this article:

- The functions of vitamin C

- Vitamins C deficiency

- Signs of vitamin C deficiency

- recommendations on vitamin C intake and supplementation

- The food sources of vitamin C

First of all, know that vitamin C has many roles in our body, it allows in particular:

You should know that thedeficiencyinvitamin Cis considered a disease called thescurvy.
The symptoms of this disease are very characteristic, it causes:

It can also lead to a coma and a death of the patient in the most serious cases, but rest assured it is less and less frequent in our society.

Vitamin C can be used for:

It is essential to know that takingvitamin Cis stronglynot recommendedin people who suffer fromkidney stonesor in people withcertain blood diseaseslike thalassemia or sickle cell.

Thepregnant womanand the people who smokehave an increased need for vitamin C.
The recommendations are:

Finally you can find vitamin C in pepper, chili, citrus as Orange or lemon but also spinach and strawberry. You still have to know that vitamin Cdoes not resist heat, it is therefore advisable to consume all these raw foods.

To meet your daily vitamin C needs, simply drink the juice of two oranges in a break in breakfast.

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