What's the liver for?

All you need to know about the liver: Roles, functions and location

The introduction to this article on the liver reminds us of the vital importance of this organ for the proper functioning of our body. Located in the upper right part of our abdomen, the liver is a key player in many metabolic and physiological reactions. Let's take a closer look at its essential role in our health.

Location of the liver
The liver is located in the upper right part of the abdomen. This strategic location enables it to play an effective role in many metabolic and blood filtration functions.

Roles and functions of the liver
The liver is a multifunctional organ, taking part in numerous metabolic reactions essential to our health:

Carbohydrate and fat metabolism: The liver plays a crucial role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It transforms these elements into other compounds, notably glycogen, our body's carbohydrate reserve.

Storage of fat-soluble vitamins: The liver stores various fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), which are essential for many biological functions.

Detox function: As a detox organ, the liver filters the blood and eliminates toxic substances, such as alcohol or certain drugs, as well as their metabolites, to preserve the body's overall health.

Bile production: The liver is the main production site for bile, a substance crucial to lipid digestion. Bile is stored in the gallbladder, located close to the liver.

Protein production: The liver also synthesizes various proteins, such as fibrinogen, which is involved in blood coagulation, helping to stop bleeding in the event of injury.

In conclusion, the liver is an organ indispensable to our survival, playing a central role in many metabolic and physiological functions. Understanding its roles and functions is essential to caring for our overall health.

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