Turmeric: benefits of a spice with many virtues!


You will find in this video and in this article:

- The main vitamins contained in turmeric

- The main trace elements and minerals of turmeric

- The composition in curcuma antioxidants

- Curcumin, main active in turmeric and its properties

- The use of turmeric in traditional medicine

- turmeric supplementation and recommendations

- turmeric and its effects on digestion 

To start, know that turmeric belongs to the same family as the ginger.

It generally comes from southern Asia, it is largely used in India, Japan and China for its role as conservative eating natural, but also for its taste, nutritional and medicinal properties.

It is a spice rich in vitamin of groups B, VS and K. It also contains minerals and trace elements like the calcium(That), the iron(Fe), the magnesium(Mg), the phosphorus (P) and the potassium(K).

Turmeric contains antioxidants like the curcumin properties anti-inflammatory.

One of the main functions of turmeric is that it stimulates the production of the bile And promotes its release in the intestinal level.
Bile is a liquid and viscous substance produced inside the liver, it is stored at the level of the gallbladder, it makes it possible to accomplish the digestion Foods we eat.

Turmeric therefore helps to facilitate digestion and relieve intestinal disorders, such as bloating, it also stimulates appetite.

To take advantage of the action of turmeric on digestion, just To put 0.5 g to 1 g of turmeric powder in 150 ml of hot water, to infuse a few minutes and drink the drink.

I draw your attention to the fact that turmeric is contraindicatedIn people who suffer from gallstones or an obstruction of their gallbladder.

Taking up a high -dose turmeric is not recommended in people with stomach or duodenum ulcer.
It is possible to use turmeric in the diet in a reasonable manner in seasoning in the event of pregnancy, breastfeeding or in children under the age of 18. However, it should not be used in addition in the form of food supplements or infusions. 

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