Kiwi: A little fruit with surprising benefits!


You will find in this video and in this article:

- the main vitamins contained in the kiwi

- the main trace elements and minerals contained in kiwi

- Kiwi in the prevention of nervous system and cardiovascular system diseases

- Kiwi, a natural remedy against constipation

- Kiwi, a stimulant of the immune system and healing

- Kiwi, an ideal food for slimming diet and weight loss

Kiwi is a fruit that contains vitamins of the group VS, K, B andE as well as minerals and trace elements such as thecopper(Cu), the potassium(K), the magnesium(Mg), thezinc(Zn) and the iron(Fe).

It is also rich in protein, carbohydrates and fibers.

It contains antioxidants such as flavanes and the flavonols.

It is a very poor fruit in lipids.

It strengthens the system immune.

It is beneficial to combat the increase in the rate of cholesterol and some blood pressure (high blood pressure).

By its antioxidant content, it also helps prevent certain neurological diseases such as depression And memory disorders, but also different cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.

If you ever suffer from constipation And digestive problems, do not hesitate to consume kiwi. It is beneficial for the regulation of intestinal transit and for the digestive system.

It is a fruit that is also very beneficial for the healing.

Finally, know that it is a low in caloric fruit. A kiwi contains an average of 55 calories, so you can consume it regularly during your diets.

I still draw your attention to the fact that the kiwi can lead a reaction allergic in some people. If the consumption of kiwi causes itching, a feeling of burn In terms of mouth, as well as cough, avoid eating this fruit and consult an allergist.

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

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