Benefits of watermelon, a low-calorie and thirst-quenching fruit!

You find in this video and in this article:

- The main vitamins of the watermelon

- The main trace elements and minerals of watermelon

- Watermelon, a fruit rich in water

- Watermelon, a real source of citruline, a very interesting amino acid

- the benefits of watermelon consumption for our body

To start, know that watermelon is one of the richest fruits in water, it contains 90 %about.

It is a real source of vitamins of the group HAS, B and VS, but also minerals and trace elements like the potassium(K), the magnesium(Mg), the iron(Fe), the zinc(Zn).

It also contains a large amount of Lycopene which is an antioxidant to combat excess of cholesterol, inflammation, the risk of the appearance of cardiovascular illnesses And certain types of cancer.

It is interesting to know that watermelon is one of the richest foods in citrulline, a amino acid (molecule which enters the composition of proteins) allowing the production ofarginine, another amino acid essential to the proper functioning of our body.

Citrulline also has a fundamental role in maintaining and producing muscle proteins. Watermelon is therefore highly recommended in the elderly and people who play sports.

Know that watermelon is a fruit rich in fibers allowing to fight against constipation.

Finally, it is not very caloric, do not hesitate to consume it when you have the opportunity;)

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