Ginger: benefits, uses, contraindications


You will find in this video and in this article:

- The main constituents of ginger

- the indications of ginger in traditional medicine

- Ginger interactions

- the use of gienge for nausea, transport evil and digestion

- recommendations for using ginger and contraindications

To start, know that ginger is widely consumed in Asia for these properties culinary, but also for his properties medicinal.

It facilitates the digestion by stimulating the production of bile by the liver. Bile is a viscous liquid having an essential role in the digestion of the foods we eat.

It also makes it possible to fight against nausea and the vomiting.

It is a source of group vitamin HAS, B, VS and E, it is also rich in minerals and trace elements like the potassium(K), thecalcium(CA), the magnesium(Mg), the phosphorus(P), themanganese(Mn) and thezinc(Zn).

Ginger contains molecules called polyphenols and phenols because of their structure chemical, like the gingerol and the shogaol. These substances have properties anti-nausea, they act directly at the stomach level.

It is effective in preventing wrong of the transport and the wrong of sea, but also to limit the occurrence of nausea after certain surgical operations or anticancer chemotherapy.

To take advantage of the effects of ginger on nausea and vomiting, it is possible to consume it in the form fresh(by chewing it), powder or Infusion. To make a ginger infusion, put 0.5 g in 1 g Dry powder in a large glass of boiling water, let stand for a few minutes and drink the infusion.

To prevent transport pain to take ginger powder or infusion 30 minutes at 1 hour advents the departure of the trip.

Know all the same that the grip of ginger outside the diet is not recommended In: people who suffer from gallstones or obstruction of their gallbladder, the child under the age of six, the pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Even if studies have shown efficiency on taking ginger to combat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, it is best to ask your doctor's advice before consuming it in this indication.

It could also interact With drugs, plants, foods or food supplements which aim to fluidify blood such as garlic, turmeric, ginkgo, ginseng, …

Like many plants, it is essential to request the advice of your doctor or pharmacist by specifying all of your treatments and food supplements before consuming ginger outside of a reasonable diet.

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