Flax seed: benefits, uses, recommendations, oil

You find in this video and in this article:

- The main constituents of linen seeds (vitamins, trace elements, minerals)

- Active substances against constipation and improvement of intestinal transit within flax seeds

- linseed oil and its use

- the method of using flax seeds to regulate intestinal transit

- the use of flax seeds to reduce the symptoms of menopause and the excès of cholesterol / traditional medicine levels

- The contraindications of flax seeds

- flax seeds and their interactions with food supplements and drugs

- flax seeds and reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, the consequences in the event of diabetes and the taking of anti-diabetics on blood sugar

For coMmencer, know that the cultivation of flax seeds extends from the Mediterranean to China.

These seeds are rich in vitamins of the group B, VS and K as well ascalcium(That), magnesium(Mg), phosphorus(P), andpotassium(K).

They are consumed whole, in the form of powder or in drinks by mixing them with water.

Oil linen is also used in the kitchen in seasoning for its high content in Omega 3. IThe should not be used in contact with heat (frying)because she lose quickly its stability.

He is interesting to know that linen seeds have a large amount of mucilage. These substances are dietary fiber, they are not digested by theintestine, they have The ability to trap the water in food. They allow to have soft stools and facilitate the transit intestinal.

I'm holding at inform you that the use of linen seeds to relieve the symptoms of menopause or to reduce the rate of cholesterol LDL remains traditional. There are not real studies to date proving these effects.

To benefit from effects laxatives (against constipation) of linen seeds, put 5 g to 10 g whole linen seed or in the form of powder in 150 ml at 200 ml of water, the equivalent of a large glass of water, let stand 20 minute Then drink the drink.

I draw your attention to the fact that taking flax seeds is contraindicated in people who have blood in their stools As in people with intestinal disorders (intestinal paralysis or rettressy of the diameter of their intestine).

When in doubt, ask first the opinion your doctor or pharmacist before consuming this type of food.

Their use is not recommended in children under the age of 12, the pregnant woman and the breastfeeding woman.

You should know that these seeds can interact with food supplements based on iron, ofzincvsalciummagnesium, Vitamin B12 as well as certain types of drugs. It is therefore recommended to put atime limitDE Dthem entrust the intake of flax seeds and other substances to avoidall interactions.

Also be aware that the laundry seeds taken at Classes meal can drive a reduction in absorption of sugars, precautions must be taken if you are diabetic and you ConsumeDiabetes drugs.

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