Curry: benefits of a very interesting spice for health!

You find in this video and in this article:

- the main spices that constitute the curry

- The main vitamins contained in the curry

- The main trace elements and minerals of the curry

- curry antioxidants

- Curry actions on our digestive system, our immune system, ...

To start, know that the curry is made up of a together spice and especially turmeric, red spice, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, black pepper, ginger and of thegarlic.

It’s a real source of vitamin of the group E andK, but also potassium(K), calcium(CA), magnesium(Mg), iron(Fe) and manganese(Mn).

It is rich in protein.

It is interesting to know that this mixture of different spices within the curry gives it important power antioxidant to combat cell aging, the risk of the appearance of cardiovascular illnesses And certain types of cancer.

Also be aware that by its black pepper content, it helps digestion Foods we eat. It also limits spasms, bloating and nausea.

the magnesium Present within the curry helps the proper functioning of the muscles, the nervous system and the intestines.

It is also beneficial to stimulate immune defenses, in particular by its content manganese.

Dr Noura Marrai (Doctor of Pharmacy, YouTuber Health, creator of the health well-being Pharmaquiz application),

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