Spirulin: benefits and contraindications in 5 minutes!


You find in this video and in this article:

- The definition of spirulina

- The main places of culture of spirulina

- The benefits of spirulina

- the properties of spirulina

- The contraindications of spirulina

- daily consumption of spirulina

To start, know that spirulina is a algae blue, green. It grows at the levels of ponds and lakes especially in black Africa and Mexico. It can also be artificially cultivated.

The particularity of spirulina is that it is very rich in acids amino (molecules that enter into the composition of proteins) essentials (essential amino acids cannot be produced within our body, we must bring them by our diet) and in protein, it contains 50 % to 70 %.

It is a real source of essential fatty acids like the Omega 3 and theomega-6. These are lipids essential to the proper functioning of our body, but we cannot make them on its own, so we must bring them via our diet.

This microscopic algae contains large quantities of carotenoids, who are antioxidants Very beneficial for the skin and sight. Sheis also rich in group vitamins HAS, B and E, in trace elements and minerals like the iron(Fe), the magnesium (Mg) and the calcium(That).

By its different components, it is often recommended to fight against the excess of cholesterol, stimulate the immune system and protect the liver.

I still draw your attention to the fact that spirulina is strongly discouraged in pregnant women, the breastfeeding woman as well as the people who have a rate'Uric acid raised, who suffer from the drop or the appearance of kidney stonesIndeed, spirulina is very rich in substances which promote the increase in the level of uric acid in our body is therefore better to avoid it if you are in these situations.

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